Emergency linear LED light fitting PSF LED-E

Housing: SMC polyester plastic reinforced with glass fiber, color RAL 7038
Diffuser: PC polycarbonate plastic
Gasket: silicone
Central locking: can be opened/closed using a socket key SW8, hinged lamp cover
The light fitting is normally supplied with socket key, two Ex e cable glands M25, two Ex e plugs M25 and with mounting set PSF 30-110

Battery: NiCd 4,8V/4Ah,  3h automomy

Apparatus category: II 2GD
Explosion protection: Ex db eb mb op is IIC T4 Gb
Ex tb op is IIIC T80°C Db
Enviroment temperature: -20°C  ÷  +40°C
Degree of protection: IP66
Rated voltage: 220-240VAC

Zone 1,2,21,22

● Central locking with internal switch
● Through-wiring possible
● LED modules with innovative encapsulation
● Estimated service life up to 70 000 hours
● High color rendering index CRI 80
● With OVP, OCP, OTP protection
● Autonomous reactivation after recovery

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