Ex plugs and sockets


Material: polikarbonat / poliamid
The exclusive interlock device is equipped with the plug and socket device. The switch is not turned on if it is not rotated and the plug can not be pulled out when the switch is turned on after the plug is inserted into the socket, which the non-live action is realized.
The protective covers are equipped on both plug and socket, which ensure the reliability of the protective degree.
Therefore, the plug and socket device can be used under the extreme conditions.

Apparatus category: II 2GD
Explosion protection: Ex db eb IIC T6…T5 Gb
Ex tb IIIC T80°C… T95°C Db
Ex db eb IIC Gb
Ex tb IIIC Db
Enviroment temperature: -40 ºC ≤ Tamb ≤ 45ºC /+55ºC
Degree of protection: IP66
ATEX certificate FIDI 21 ATEX 0052U

FIDI 21 ATEX 0049X

FIDI 21 ATEX 0050X

FIDI 21 ATEX 0051U

Zone 1,2,21,22

  • Plugs and sockets receptacles 16A to 32A, 50V to 690V
  • All sockets incorporate switching technology that prevents removal of the plug under electrical load and does not disturb the potentially explosive atmospheres
  • Small force of inserting and pulling

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