Many customers are often in doubt about the advantages of LED light fittings over the standard types such as fluorescent and high-pressure discharge lamps. They are unsurprisingly confused as the most important factor in comparison of the light fittings is neither the rated power nor the luminous flux of the light source. Some producers of obsolete luminaires have emphasized the luminous flux of the light sources and rated power of the light fittings for the sake of marketing, but that might have deceived some customers. In fact, the most accurate and trustworthy parameter is a system luminous flux, or in other words the delivered and usable lumen value. TEPEx LED light fittings are highly efficient due to the intelligent design and creative construction solutions. To be precise, TEPEx LED light fittings are more than 90%+ efficient as the gear losses and generated heat are negligible when compared to the tra-ditional sources such as HST (high pressure sodium discharged tabular) lamps whose real efficiency may not exceed more than 50% of the quoted source luminous flux.

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